Signs That You Need To Replace Your Wheel Bearing s

3For those that are not aware, two different wheel bearing types are being used by cars today. Older cars use wheel bearings that are serviceable. These wheel bearings are different parts from hubs. Newer cars are the ones that utilize hub wheel bearing types. Hub bearing assemblies are pressed internally so you can’t expect them to be serviceable. After using either of these two types of wheel bearing for so long, they will eventually need replacement.

These wheel bearings function well despite all the heat and friction that it encounters. You can extend their lifespan a little by providing proper maintenance and lubrication but you should know that you will still need to replace them in time. Here are some of the signs to watch out for if you are having second doubts about replacing your wheel bearings. Check out this web link, for more ideas about wheel bearing replacement.

To check if your serviceable bearings need to be replaced, you must first jack up the wheel that is experiencing issues. Next, try to spin the wheel as fast as you can and listen for wheel bearing noise. You might want to watch for sounds that are comparable to grinding sounds. After listening for sounds, try to wriggle the wheel in a rocking motion. In serviceable wheel bearings, only one eighth of an inch is possible for movements. If larger movements are observed, you will most likely need to re-tighten or replace your current wheel bearing.

Checking hub bearing assemblies if they are in need of repair or replacement is a lot simpler. All you need to do is place you hands at positions 9 and 3 while spinning the wheel and listening for wheel bearing noises. Proceed if you don’t find anything out of the ordinary. The next step is to wriggle the wheel in a rocking motion after putting your hands at 12 and 6 positions. If the free play that you observe  is much greater than one eighth of an inch, you are dealing with a serious problem and you will need to replace your wheel bearing as soon as you can.

As a general rule, older wheel bearings must be replaced if you want to be cost effective. It is highly recommended for you to have them replaced as immediate as you can. Worn out and crunchy wheel bearings are among the types that need immediate replacement. You should also have your wheel bearing checked if you recently need to exert more effort for your brake pads to kick in. Keep in mind though that it is also possible that all it needs is a little greasing. It is also advisable for you to replace damaged bearings immediately even if they are not that old and worn out yet. Lastly, always watch out for any type of noise in your wheel bearing as this is usually an indication that it needs to be replaced.

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